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As part of Twodde’s commitment to empower & unite odd brands and accelerate the growth of the sustainable market, Twodde supports odd brands to gain visibility, engagement, and traction through its marketplace and network.

Are your products made of responsible materials?

(No use of hazardous materials or depletion of natural resources)


Do your products have minimal impact disposal?

(Can be reused, recycled or composted)


Are your products produced ethically?

(Low environmental impact and ethical labour)


Do your products have an efficient life-cycle?

(Small carbon footprint, social and economic benefit, useful and durable, minimal waste)


If you answered yes to one or more questions, Twodde would love to get to know better your brand and products.

Please send your information in the form below and soon Twodde's Partner Network team will contact you.

Empower and Unite Sustainable Brands
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Inspire Sustainable Consumption Habits