Herbal Tea - Discovery Gift Box
Herbal Tea - Discovery Gift Box
CAD $46.00
Do you want to give a special gift box to a loved one this year or just to reward yourself? Look no further and offer one of our wonderful gift box wrapped with love and containing beautiful local products! With the current celebratory restrictions because of COVID-19, you can ship it already packed straight to the person you want to spoil. In addition, you can offer a gift without leaving your house! At the same time, it allows you to introduce an acquaintance to beautiful local products. In addition, you are saving time and money on the packaging of your gift.WHAT’S IN THE GIFT BOX?In our special package, you will find 4 canes of mixtures for infusions as well as a sample of a bulk ingredient from Quebec. The four infusions contained in a gift box are:1 tea basket PilKiRose & Chamomile (replaced by Sweetgale & echinacea temporarily)Aronia & AlderHawthorn & LavenderIn this beautiful gift wrap, you will also find a mystery bulk ingredient that you can infuse or add to your recipes! So, you discover a surprise ingredient that you can use in multiple ways.* If you wish to have more information concerning the different infusions that the box contains, you can click on the flavors to be redirected to a complete description of each product. If you want more information on the mystery ingredient that you will receive, it’s easy. You just need to visit our store to read the characteristics and the different possible uses of this specific product.
Herbal Tea - Discovery Gift Box

Organic apple, wild Labrador tea, organic hyssop, organic queen of the meadow, spices,Wild yarrow, organic milk thistle, wild Labrador tea, organic chamomile, organic rose petal, organic bay leaf., Aronia, organic fenugreek, organic goldenrod, wild Labrador tea, wild green alder, organic,Wild hawthorn, wild labrador tea, wild cedar, organic lavender, organic peppermint.

Paper packaging

Keep somewhere dry and away from light.

2 years

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