Eco Floss Picks
Eco Floss Picks
CAD $6.00
Hard to reach molars?Tight teeth?Disabilities?Regular and conventional floss may not work for you and we want to change that.We also wanted an option to non-vegan floss. Did you know conventional and biodegradable floss is made by Mulberry Silk Worms?It's a big NO for us! We are vegan and cruelty and refuse to compromise.These Eco Floss Picks come in Charcoal-Lemon and Fresh Mint and are Eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic floss picks. Our floss picks are made with plant based PLA (Polylactic Acid), derived from Corn, Cassava and Beets. PLA may be composted in Industrial Composting Factories. Check www.findacomposter.com for more info. 50 Floss Picks per bag
Eco Floss Picks

Mulberry Silk Worms;Polylactic Acid



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